Realizing why you are struggling with productivity is the first step to moving into a new phase of life. Your relationship with work and the way you complete tasks can change your mental and emotional health.


Make sure you are not wasting your time looking for harder ways to work when you could just find smart and more productive ways to get the job done. 


Added productivity can also help you in your personal life when it comes to helping get the family or your kids back on task. 


With this video course you will learn simple steps and techniques you can implement to get more done even if you’re short on time.


Topics covered:

  • Automate Your Life With Routines
  • Being Productive and Creative
  • Breaks: The Secret to Productivity
  • Bust Productivity by Eating the Frog
  • Distractions to Cut Out if You Want to be Productive
  • How to Automate Your Life
  • Master Your Time at the Office with The Pomodoro Method
  • Productivity Starts with Small Steps
  • The Top 5 Books About Productivity to Read This Year
  • Top 7 Tools for Productivity

Simple Productivity 10 Video Series