Play Saves The Day E-Book by Steve Rix


Can you really transform your life, how you work, and your overall well-being by playing?

  • Learn how to experience play as a pathway to mental wellness.

  • Discover innovative ways to transform the way we understand work.

  • Refresh your sense of play as a building block for changing the world.


Now more than ever the world needs your energy! Whether it be mental health concerns like anxiety and depression, the reshaping of the workforce, pandemic fatigue, or simply the growing longing for personal happiness and global harmony, we face many struggles every day.


Play Saves the Day offers a simple path to redefine play and rediscover ourselves as playful beings. Through awakening our creativity and imagination, we have the power to return to our playful state as a core building block for improving our personal lives, the communities around us, and even the world.


By adding this simple, yet transforming, resource to your life, you’ll discover solutions where you once saw challenges. When you reimagine play, you can redesign the human experience!

Play Saves The Day